WALS Miniseries/CollectorsGoldenSeries

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WALS Miniseries/CollectorsGoldenSeries

Postby 1041112 » 31 Dec 2018, 20:14

Hello. I have more than 600 GB of models in this section, and I want to create topics for each of them. But for some reason it is impossible to create a new topic, namely, there is no this button in the menu. What to do? Is posting prohibited in the section?

And yet, I would like to post topics for each section model, except for those that have recently been posted, I want to give each new model just a preview, is it possible? The result should be a partition index. I initially wanted to create one theme with all the models, but I was advised on each topic. Thanks for the answer.
Hello again to everyone. I appeal to everyone who is currently acquiring new sets of the WeAreLittleStars / ThePeopleImage studio. In my collection there are almost 1300 gigabytes of sets of the studio, and now I actively buy them. But I do not have the means to buy a lot of their albums, so I'd like to exchange new sets of the studio, in PM. It will help me a lot. Waiting for answers, thank you

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