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YvannBoon - Sep 5th, '18, 23:30
He has DMs disabled, I don’t know how else to reach him.
taces23 - Sep 6th, '18, 00:52
YvannBoon, He can still receive a PM so I went ahead an forwarded your chatbox message. Maybe he’ll reply to me or he may just reply directly to you. Either way, I hope everything works out.
JAY71 - Sep 10th, '18, 19:59
seems i am the only one replying to galleries i seen....Lot of people views but non of them take the time to say thank you. while it only takes a few seconds
JAY71 - Sep 10th, '18, 20:00
B ut HEY thats just my oppinion
JAY71 - Sep 10th, '18, 20:13
cAN ANYONE HELP ME ?? i need imagehost grabber
thanks in advance
GhostBtch - Sep 11th, '18, 00:47
JAY71, I’m sorry but I can’t help you with ImageGrabber
GhostBtch - Sep 11th, '18, 01:45
Hello, guys.
Some users have requested that TakeFile and Ex-Load hostings be allowed here and I decided to permit. That’s because we had a decrease of good paying hostings (specially after Depfile).
taces23 - Sep 11th, '18, 01:47
GhostBtch, Thanks for the update. :win
taces23 - Sep 11th, '18, 02:01
JAY71, It’s great that you want to show your appreciation to other members and you can do it through chatbox. There used to be a ’Thank You’ button for this but a ’thank you’ reply tends to clutter the topics and allows other members to believe that new content is being posted. That’s why you rarely see it. Hope this helps. :)
taces23 - Sep 11th, '18, 02:03
JAY71, I think IHG is inactive for the time being. I use BID for grabbing images.
fartharder - Sep 11th, '18, 04:47
JAY71: The latest version of IHG (V1.7.0.4c) will only work with updated browsers, doesn’t have to be updated all the way, but at least not really old. Its working well with my Firefox 41.0.2. Secondly it doesn’t get EVERY imagehost unless you know enough to change the threads (i don’t) so every time I run into that problem I just look for the set elsewhere. You can get all the help you need for it from the imagehostgrabber forums.
fartharder - Sep 11th, '18, 04:49
I didn’t have much luck with BID, tried it but it kept saying "no images found" or "download incomplete" or I would have switched too :\
taces23 - Sep 11th, '18, 12:21
fartharder, Thanks for the info. :win That would explain why I get the "Blocked by ISP" message for IHG. As for BID, I only use it for the StarSessions and NS sites. Occasionally, I will run into the same problem when using it here.
taces23 - Sep 11th, '18, 12:45
Has anyone had a bad experience buying Etherium? I bought almost $200 worth and lost approximately $65 within an hour of the completion. I thought I’d try it for the first time, I guess I’ll be staying with Bitcoin, bummer. :cry:
markmarkymark - Sep 11th, '18, 16:35
Hold it until it bounces back. All of the crypto currencies are slipping at the moment but if they are following the normal cycle they should start to rise again soon.
taces23 - Sep 11th, '18, 16:57
markmarkymark, Thanks. I think I’ll just stay with BTC, it’s more stable for me.
GhostBtch - Sep 11th, '18, 19:44
I still didn’t try Ethereum. Let me know about any issue about this, guys.
markmarkymark - Sep 11th, '18, 21:21
If you are taking just to use as a currency to buy at sites that sell for crypto currencies then it is best to stick with bitcoin but it will suffer similar value fluctuations, there is always a risk.
I am currently speculating on Ethereum as an investment as I believe it has been sitting below its real value for some time. But it has dropped even more in the last week. So the question for me now is do I trust my instincts and buy some more at an even lower price or just sit tight and wait for the prices to go back up before I sell.
markmarkymark - Sep 11th, '18, 21:27
Curently my investment is down 24% overall but the Ethereum portion is down 36%. Last week I was up 12% overall. That is the current volatility of crypto currencies.
JAY71 - Sep 15th, '18, 18:16
anyone maybe have a serialkey code for BID?? i downloaded the program but doesnt work.
keeps asking for key
gardenlover1 - Sep 16th, '18, 15:45
can we stop the autoupdate every 15 seconds ? cannot untick the green check mark
taces23 - Sep 18th, '18, 12:48
gardenlover1, I don’t think it can be stopped. Clicking the the check mark only updates chatbox.
mauritius - Sep 19th, '18, 10:05
looking for fat nudes like miss nahla with full view of their cracks fore and aft !
mauritius - Sep 19th, '18, 10:16
Also looking for an elusive shot of Miss Alli in a blue slip showing her bare ass
HannaM - Sep 25th, '18, 09:47
@ mauritius - Sep 19th, ’18, 10:16
That’s Creepy dude
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