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    We are a community created with the purpose of sharing photos and videos of beautiful teen models. All videos and photos posted on our forum were taken by professional legal agencies and comply with international laws - United States Code Title 18.

    AMF does not produce, share or host any kind of illegal pornography. Please, read our rules, banned models and studios and legal notice before report and/or post any topic. We are a community dedicated to legal models only.

    We are not a teen porn site. We are not a chίld porn community.
    Send any report to - abuse [at] amf.pw

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falkonpunch777 - Dec 24th, '18, 02:29
@ taces23 sent you a PM
fartharder - Dec 24th, '18, 04:31
awesome, appreciate it
taces23 - Dec 24th, '18, 04:55
falkonpunch777, Got your message. :)
taces23 - Dec 24th, '18, 04:55
fartharder, No prob’. :)
taces23 - Dec 24th, '18, 21:15
:comm To all: Merry Christmas or, if you prefer, Happy Holidays. :D
atreehaseyes - Dec 24th, '18, 23:37
Paging Taces23
atreehaseyes - Dec 24th, '18, 23:38
Paging Taces23 to the SS Mila thread...
taces23 - Dec 25th, '18, 03:32
atreehaseyes, What’s up? :)
falkonpunch777 - Dec 25th, '18, 19:50
Is there a cooldown period for posting? I can’t keep adding to my thread
JAY71 - Dec 25th, '18, 20:25
GhostBtch - Dec 25th, '18, 23:32
falkonpunch777, 25 posts per 24 hours
falkonpunch777 - Dec 26th, '18, 00:51
Thank you!
fartharder - Dec 28th, '18, 02:00
ghost, you always have the most attractive ladies in your avatars
GhostBtch - Dec 28th, '18, 15:06
fartharder, :roll: ;) :win
taces23 - Dec 29th, '18, 00:30
To all members: maintenance is being conducted in the ’Agencies & Models’ forums so you may notice that some topics will be locked from making new posts. Also, this may affect you from editing your posts.
justdoit - Dec 29th, '18, 19:06
40 hours to D/L a 6GB file with a delicate wifi connection is simply impossible? The word "sharing" can now be removed from our vocabulary... :unsure
GhostBtch - Dec 31st, '18, 11:30
Happy New Year for all members from AMF! Thanks for support and share your content here! :lover :comm
HannaM - Dec 31st, '18, 16:35
Happy New Year @GhostBtch
Tinymodels - Dec 31st, '18, 18:33
Happy New year to all here. Thanks to GhostBtch. Also a huge thanks to taces for all you do.
desert punk v3 - Jan 1st, '19, 02:25
happy new years to all
semoi - Jan 1st, '19, 13:18
Happy New Year!!!
falkonpunch777 - Jan 6th, '19, 18:58
You know what I really hate? That people forget some models after they grow up. People only cared about Teia while she was a little girl. http://moon.silver-sales.info/gallery-Teia.html Anyone got any of the newer sets?
markmarkymark - Jan 9th, '19, 22:28
It is one of the most frequent problems - and that is speaking as somebody who works with a number of models. It seems like many people have an attitude that says a model is either cute (as in 10, 11, 12 years old or younger) or she should be heading towards s/core type sets from 13 and older.
fartharder - Jan 10th, '19, 01:59
now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while
falkonpunch777 - Jan 13th, '19, 03:54
I want to buy some of her sets But I have problems buying from their site
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