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taces23 - Jan 23rd, '19, 14:52
For those of you who aren’t aware, PrettyPamela, SofiaSweety, TeenBeautyFitness, Teenmodels4bitcoin, TrueTeenLatinas, XimenaModel, and YoungFitnessModels are all related. Only half sets/half videos are allowed to be posted and each post must have a linkback to https://teenbeautyfitness.com
All posts will be deleted if they are not in compliance to these guidelines and the user/member may be issued a warning.
atreehaseyes - Jan 23rd, '19, 19:29
@pjb ... as in the site? are you the operator? ><
Epicemoji - Jan 25th, '19, 23:34
Any info about SS?
falkonpunch777 - Jan 27th, '19, 07:26
Same rumors about it closing down. Too much speculation still on other sites
taces23 - Feb 2nd, '19, 09:40
I’ve updated the NewStar guidelines: post36920.html#p36920
They still remain the same as before, I’ve just added clarification to the Clipmonster content.
charlesM - Feb 5th, '19, 23:57
So my browser is detecting a malware that has recently appeared on this website and any place I click on here is getting redirected to -> "Google Safe Browsing recently detected malware on amf.pw. Websites that are normally safe are sometimes infected with malware. The malicious content comes from d.fyredet.live, a known malware distributor."
taces23 - Feb 9th, '19, 22:09
NewStar has a 1-week promotion for its NT-Models website. It’s $9.99/10 days for a site that has 12,848 sets. You can find the link and more info here:
Plus, you can contact me with any other questions you may have. :)
Tinymodels - Feb 11th, '19, 12:14
Hi Taces. Some people complained the new update scheduling on our sites gave some people only three updates depending what time of month they joined. We have fixed that. Now All 30 day joins come with An Extra 4 days free ! SO everyone will have 4 updates. MY thanks as always to GB and taces.
Sergei @ newstar
taces23 - Feb 11th, '19, 14:46
Tinymodels, Thank you for the update. I’ve posted your message from TMN within the following link: viewtopic.php?p=294651#p294651
taces23 - Feb 13th, '19, 16:19
The Star Sessions forum will remain locked until further notice. Also, the rules/guidelines for Star Sessions have been updated, please review them before posting any SS content: rules/allowed-forbidden-agencies-models-t5399.html
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