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GhostBtch - Aug 12th, '18, 01:32
We are working on visual styles... Some errors may occur in next hours
GhostBtch - Aug 14th, '18, 15:14
Hello, guys. Site is ready. Any template issues, please let me know.
justdoit - Aug 15th, '18, 19:41
OK so I disabled Adblock and just finished a 3min. battle with a screen flashing warning me my IP has been reported for downloading illegal
pornographic material? On a clean forum with no pornographic material?
Kinda takes all of the fun out of it? That was not fun!
taces23 - Aug 16th, '18, 00:46
justdoit, That sounds like adware to me. Do you have to disable Adblock when visiting here? I use a VPN and never familiarized myself with Adblock so I’m not aware of that. But I’ve never had a problem with adware either.
desert punk v3 - Aug 16th, '18, 12:40
working normal on my side
markmarkymark - Aug 16th, '18, 21:33
the site cotinues to issue some undesirable pop ups. unders, overs, etc..... If I have the strictest setting on my ghostery the site throws up a warning within seconds and disables access to the site. With the setting reduced down to the next level I start to get unwanted pages opening.
yaro - Aug 17th, '18, 09:47
i hope you NOT using mobile/tablet device?
justdoit - Aug 17th, '18, 15:34
Did somebody do something? Because today my D/L experience was quite different....Enjoyable.
fartharder - Aug 18th, '18, 01:38
I use adblock on every website except here, to support server costs through advertising since i cant donate. so i should be exposed to any and all popups, ads etc. but i have not had any issues tonight or last night. once in a while i get a popunder but nothing major. using palemoon so maybe this outdated browser isnt compatible with some of the scripts these ads use.
taces23 - Aug 18th, '18, 07:42
I don’t use Adblock and I usually don’t get too many ads. I understand what pop-ups are but what are pop-unders? I’m a noob on this.
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