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Tinymodels - Dec 11th, '18, 20:12
I thought the chat would be in here. That way it would draw more people to your site and be LIVE. I wanted live that might bring thousands to the site at once and away from other boards that shall remain nameless.I dont think i can get to the assigned thread as often as id like but will try.once Taces lets me know ill post some sets there. he says there is voting going on whether the first Catalina was to young to put,. I guess i will make my own chatroom for live chats. I wanted to bring the people here and make this the busiest board around.
Tinymodels - Dec 11th, '18, 20:13
I will use the room provided but i meant a live chat where people could ask for a set and i could put it within a few minutes for them. But i will gladly use the room provided. Thanks to all here.
Sergei at newstar.
taces23 - Dec 12th, '18, 01:01
Tinymodels, I misunderstood your request, sorry. When GhostBitch gets back from his time off, maybe he’ll set something up for you.
taces23 - Dec 12th, '18, 01:12
Seeing as only the latest 25 comments are viewable at one time within this chatbox, I foresee the older comments, including your links, being overwritten by new, incoming comments and some links/requests would be missed by both parties. JMHO but I could be wrong.
nwdcgent - Dec 13th, '18, 14:31
imgspice domain down? checked and it appears it is & has been. getting a 404 on all links to this domain.
GhostBtch - Dec 13th, '18, 19:17
nwdcgent, working here - http://www.imgspice.com
GhostBtch - Dec 13th, '18, 21:51
Sorry for delay to reply, guys. I was out of country for last days with strict internet access.
sagita - Dec 14th, '18, 01:37
Hello.Isabella-StarSessions will be allowed here? Age is about the same as Elena.
GhostBtch - Dec 14th, '18, 23:14
sagita, we are checking this...
taces23 - Dec 15th, '18, 01:31
Tinymodels had sent me the Catalina Full-Size set, published only to amf.pw. It is posted here: Subject: [TMN] Chat
Enjoy. :win
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