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GhostBtch - Apr 4th, '19, 18:26
Tinymodels, I found some full content of NS and TM in some our partners and already ask they to delete. After months, I access Triforce to check about this and find something more, but 90% of boards are now totally illegal content. Damn!
Tinymodels - Apr 5th, '19, 01:10
Thanks for any help with the reposts. We check triforce once in a while for links to have killed. I have to admit i don’t check there as often as i used to as to many new places keep coming up.
taces23 - Apr 5th, '19, 04:34
Tinymodels, Thank you for the Lacey update :rev
I’m relieved to know that she is healthy and I’m looking forward to her return. :comm
Reaper1510 - Apr 5th, '19, 15:40
Heys, i have an issue with bulk image downloader again, when im downloading topic74641.html, it downloads but all pictures are blank
Reaper1510 - Apr 5th, '19, 15:40
any clue how to fix it ? already installed latest version , registered
taces23 - Apr 5th, '19, 23:05
Reaper1510, I’ve downloaded the images with BID with my previous and the latest versions and both sets came out fine.
If you were able to download them with BID then I assume you were able to view the previews. Try it again, something might have happened during the download.
Reaper1510 - Apr 6th, '19, 08:01
@taces, odd, guess they had server issues last evening, cuz i tried it like 5 times, now it works, sorry
taces23 - Apr 6th, '19, 20:09
Reaper1510, Happy to hear it’s working again. :win
taces23 - Apr 8th, '19, 22:49
Newstar Previews for April 2019 are posted, click on the link below and enjoy. :)
desert punk v3 - Apr 18th, '19, 17:15
if any of my links are down message me an I will re-up.I have some spare time
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