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atreehaseyes - Oct 1st, '18, 01:50
you can find most of what you’re looking for on usenet, though
taces23 - Oct 1st, '18, 18:52
NS sets and comments are allowed to be shared on this board, either thru galleries or subforums, but discussions of where to get multiple sets (site-rips), are not permitted. Anyone can make requests for sets in the "Requests" thread and members can share so long as they are within the guidelines:
taces23 - Oct 4th, '18, 21:31
Due to some recent posting, the staff has been asked to work harder on maintaining this board. A new ’Support’ topic has been created and it will have a list of models that are forbidden to post: support-chat/models-forbidden-post-gallery-video-sub-forums-t66598.html
Although videos are included in this discussion, the galleries are its main topic and its focus are the age/content of the models.
atreehaseyes - Oct 4th, '18, 23:04
My apologies, I should have known better.
atreehaseyes - Oct 4th, '18, 23:07
re:discussions regarding the location of multiple sets, not recent posting ;)
atreehaseyes - Oct 4th, '18, 23:08
if that were not already abundantly obvious
taces23 - Oct 6th, '18, 07:00
"Restrictions For The Gallery/Video Sub-Forums" has just been updated. More updates will be added later and you will be notified via chatbox.
Check here to see which sets/videos are forbidden to post:
taces23 - Oct 8th, '18, 18:15
Just updated the following topic: post283034.html#p283034
I’ve added Star-Sessions’ Nina-040 to the list as a possible ban, due to the suggestive outfit. Anyone having more info with this please post your comments here or on the topic, TIA. :)
taces23 - Oct 11th, '18, 07:12
Update: Restrictions post283034.html#p283034
As of 01 July 2016, All NewStar/TinyModels and Related videos are Banned from posting on this board. Posts made before that date will not be affected.; Copyright, NewStar
taces23 - Oct 18th, '18, 10:21
The NS admin (Tinymodels) has expressed his gratitude for this board, you’ll find his comment here: viewtopic.php?p=283591#p283591
I also would like to say thank you to everyone here for your understanding and for putting up with me. It’s not often that a site owner allows an image board to share his material and it’s extremely rare when that owner likes what he sees and offers something in return. :)
Thanks to all. :win
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