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taces23 - Jul 28th, '18, 13:09
So, after you finish making a post, all the buttons are still visible. When you make a new post, the buttons are no longer visible in your previous posts, does this happen if someone replies to your topic?
taces23 - Jul 28th, '18, 13:21
I noticed your delete button isn’t visible either. So you cannot edit/delete your posts, all you can do is post a new reply. Because you can make new replies/posts, you and your topics aren’t locked out.
Mos members usually have a missing ’Post a new reply’ button but this is the first time I’ve heard of this, but I’m sure there’s a solution.
taces23 - Jul 28th, '18, 13:36
Credit to MeMyselfNI with this info but have you tried clearing the cache and deleting the cookies from your browser?
Have you tried logging out and logging back into the forum?
taces23 - Jul 28th, '18, 13:38
What helped me with my problem, I changed my login password, maybe it could help with you.
jb1970 - Aug 1st, '18, 15:37
It seems I’ve lost "Edit" function as well and even for posts made today. Very nice to have a video thread of 191 pages without option to replace dead links :x
GhostBtch - Aug 1st, '18, 21:26
jb1970, @ Terrikonikman, please, try again and PM me if problem still persist.
jb1970 - Aug 2nd, '18, 04:37
The "Edit" function seems to work now. I just logged in and out and it was ok then. Quite odd indeed... :doubt
Terrikonikman - Aug 2nd, '18, 14:53
Thanks for fixing it. Now the editing function is available.
GhostBtch - Aug 12th, '18, 01:32
We are working on visual styles... Some errors may occur in next hours
GhostBtch - Aug 14th, '18, 15:14
Hello, guys. Site is ready. Any template issues, please let me know.
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