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GhostBtch - Aug 1st, '19, 22:43
Hello, guys, not sure if you know this but we have a light theme version - portal.php?style=14 - you can choose it from Portal page, right column or in your Control Panel.
pjb - Aug 3rd, '19, 11:45
Great! I always hated the dark themes :)
pjb - Aug 3rd, '19, 11:55
That being said, I think I prefer dark for this particular forum. Something about the light theme seems off for me.
taces23 - Aug 3rd, '19, 19:40
New rules have been set within the imouto.tv forum. Please review them before posting, thank you.
Tinymodels - Aug 5th, '19, 15:07
Hi, taces just in case it doesnt work i sent you an email (not message)from inside here. If you dont get it write me and ill send it from my email. direct.
Tinymodels - Aug 12th, '19, 13:07
Hi. leaving a message here as Im not sure where to put it. I made a few days ago a new preview at tinymodelnews.com. Most if not all of the new models are in it. I will make in a day or two a part two preview as i have so much uploaded content i never made previws for yet.
GB please let me know what you want after Lola. I deeply appreciate all you do for me. I will be makng new free sets soon and i will put the new models 1st sets here on AMF if i can figure how. I might jsut PM soeone to do ...
Tinymodels - Aug 12th, '19, 13:09
if anyone wants to post them or even repost them from my links please email me. Taces used to do this but he needs a rest and deserves it it also. I have three new models ordered. Ill make a preview of those also and post it here for you guys. Sorry for any mispelligs but my glasses are in the other room.
taces23 - Aug 12th, '19, 20:59
Tinymodels, Your PT 1 previews were posted on AMF soon after they were published on your website. I’ve asked someone here to post the previews as I wanted to see another member, other than myself, posting within the NS forums.
taces23 - Aug 20th, '19, 05:17
The "Ginger" and "Pandora" websites are now updating with new models. You can view the websites here: http://www.tiny-modelnews.com and I’ve posted their previews here: Subject: Tiny Model News.
Tinymodels - Aug 22nd, '19, 01:01
HI taces. Hope your playing games on on level 99 by now. :win . Not to be a slacker there will be a new model on
sweet-lacey.com tomorrow also. Sergei @newstar.
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