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GhostBtch - Dec 3rd, '18, 19:21
Petal Stone (DS) topic updated with 350 videos...
markmarkymark - Dec 4th, '18, 11:19
@GhostBtch see my post about trojan code injected onto a page - http://amf.pw/post288150.html#p288150
GhostBtch - Dec 4th, '18, 21:03
markmarkymark, replied
markmarkymark - Dec 5th, '18, 11:11
Tinymodels - Dec 6th, '18, 03:06
Hey taces, Want me to come here some day for a chat with your members? Sergei Newstar :comm :-D :D
Tinymodels - Dec 6th, '18, 03:18
Well I guesss I missed you. it shows you online. Write me.. Maybe we can arrange a chat here I bet people want to ask alot of things
GhostBtch - Dec 6th, '18, 11:40
Tinymodels, hello, my friend! Nice to see you here!
Tinymodels - Dec 6th, '18, 14:03
Hi. I want to give a set or two to taces to put up at full size for you since you are always so fair to me. They will be double the size that they were put on the sites originally.
I willl try to get them to him this weekend.
GhostBtch - Dec 6th, '18, 14:41
Tinymodels, thanks again, dude!
:clap :rev
taces23 - Dec 6th, '18, 22:53
Tinymodels, Sorry I missed you. Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy. I think the "chat" suggestion would mean a personal and friendly relationship between AMF and NewStar and I, for one, welcome that. Thank you for sharing your sets and I’ll be sure to post them, once I receive them. :win :rev
Happy Holidays to everyone here. :)
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