Tutorial »» How To Download from Usenet

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Tutorial »» How To Download from Usenet

Postby fadonius » 07 Jun 2018, 13:07

Usenet network is a popular alternative to Bittorrent to download videos and images. The main advantage of this way of downloading is that Usenet is not controled by any single authority all over the world, to post and download content is absolutely anonymously. Usenet has a plenty of groups that contain image sets and videos of underage preteen models. In this tutorial I'll explain how to download files from Usenet using the online service USENETBROWSER.NET:

PS: The service is not free. To be able to download files from Usenet you'll require a Premium Account and this costs you $24.95 monthly fee. For this amount you will be able to download as much files you wish with high-speed.

1. Find the right newsgroup where user upload non-nude models. Below are just few examples of such content groups:


2. Once you've found the video or image set you would like to transfer to your PC, click on it and download will be prepaired:

3. All you have to do now is to click on "Download Set in ZIP" and the archive will be transfered from Usenet network to your hard drive. As Premium User you can browse all requested downloads under "My Downloads".

In this way Usenetbrowser is a middle service between your PC and any server in Usenet, the content is not stored on the servers of the service, so that it's not possible to track what you are downloading, so using Usenetbrowser is 100% safe and secure. Hope this tutorial was helpful :win
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Re: Tutorial »» How To Download from Usenet

Postby taces23 » 07 Jun 2018, 17:24

Because of the affiliation between AMF.Land and Usenet, I've been told not to delete the posts. But I cannot allow any links or thumbs depicting NewStar, Tiny-Model, Sweet, and related.
I have a responsibility and unless someone can provide proof of permission from the NewStar admin, I will remove those links and images and ask that you use alternates. :noo

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