Invitation System - How It Works?

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Invitation System - How It Works?

Postby GhostBtch » 02 Oct 2013, 02:15

A new feature was installed on this forum. It's called Invite System. As name says, it allows members to invite friends to signup at NNForum. This will be the only way to signup for now, as registrations will temporaly disabled in a couple of days. Read below how system works:

1. How To Invite People To Signup?
Go to your User Control Panel, Invitation, Send Invitation - or just click here.
2. There Are Restrictions To Invite New Users?
Yes. You must have at least 10 posts on forum. Invites are also limited at 2 per day.
3. Why Common Signup Was Disabled?
This is a simple way to avoid spammers/leechers. We'll enable signups ASAP.
4. I Invited A Friend, But He Says It Don't Receive Any E-Mail!
System was tested using 10 different e-mail providers. We found some problems at Hotmail and Yahoo!, so please, avoid send invites for these providers. Also ask your friend to check spam folder. Remember: invites can delay up to 20 minutes after sent. Don't send PM's to admin/moderators asking for Invite Support or you'll be warned and ignored. Reply to this thread to receive support!

Don't abuse system (selling or send unsolicited invites) or you'll be banned. We'll check all people you invite, so please, don't bring spammers, leechers, inactive members or you'll be warned and your option to invite can be blocked. We need contributors, not only spectators. Help us to make better this free community!

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