Index of the Vlad models (including pic counts for all sets)

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Index of the Vlad models (including pic counts for all sets)

Postby MeMyselfNI » 17 Dec 2017, 18:50

People keep posting incomplete vlad galleries here at AMF (which is against the rules of the Gallery forums & has gotten several members BANNED for doing so.)
So if you have Vlad model sets you wish to post, I STRONGLY suggest you download yourself a copy of this Vladindex I got from our head mod buzzer
After it finishes downloading, just unzip the file to a location you will be able to find and place a shortcut to the index.html file inside it on your desktop.Then simply double click that shortcut to open the searchable index in your web browser. You can search by model number or series letter (M,Y,P etc) It has sample thumbs for each model & set, as well as how many pics the set contains & the original resolution the set was released in. Everyone should download a copy of this index and USE IT to check the sets you wish to post, to ensure you don't get yourself banned for posting partial galleries.

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