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taces23 - Jun 16th, '19, 21:52
GhostBtch, OMG! Sorry to hear that, GB! I knew you were going to be away for a bit but had no idea it was for health reasons. :cry: Take as much time as needed and I wish you the best with the recovery process. :pray
desert punk v3 - Jun 17th, '19, 12:03
Is nice to have u back speedy recovery an all the best :win
taces23 - Jun 20th, '19, 16:13
JAY71, Sorry bud, see rules: rules/added-rules-guidelines-for-the-hanna-world-agency-t5399.html. Requesting/Sharing of ANY Newstar material, especially, videos via PM could get you banned and by including other members within the PM would cause them to be banned as well. Consider this a verbal warning. :noo :noway
Ikkoros - Jun 21st, '19, 12:47
I’m missing AMS Cutie II set 274, someone care to share? Thank you in advance! And sorry for dropping this here if not correct :/
templar001 - Jun 21st, '19, 13:48
When will the new newstar models have their sites up?
GhostBtch - Jun 21st, '19, 22:35
@taces23 Thanks, my friend. I’m fine and will be back in a couple of days...
taces23 - Jun 21st, '19, 23:58
GhostBtch, Great to know you are recovering well, GB. Looking forward to your comeback. :rev :win :D
taces23 - Jun 22nd, '19, 00:18
templar001, The new category of model websites is named "LovelyModel" and Sergei is still in the process of setting up the sites/models. At the moment, I cannot speak for him so I’ll just let him post his comments when he’s ready. I’m sure they’ll be worth the wait. :)
taces23 - Jun 22nd, '19, 00:38
Ikkoros, I’ve posted here: viewtopic.php?p=307928#p307928
Yeah, you’d be better posting in the "Request" forum, that way the request can be deleted once it’s fulfilled. TIA. :)
Ikkoros - Jun 22nd, '19, 04:51
@ taces23 Understood, my friend :win
Ikkoros - Jun 22nd, '19, 04:51
@taces23 And thank you :D
Tinymodels - Jun 24th, '19, 16:27
HI Taces. Hi GB. Just to let you know two new models are up today.
and sweet-sherri.com will have a new model within the hour.
Get well soon GB.
taces23 - Jun 25th, '19, 05:30
Tinymodels, Awesome! I’ll check them out when given the chance. :rev :win
taces23 - Jun 25th, '19, 22:54
Hey everyone. Due to multiple reports, imgdrive.net has been placed on the banned list of image hosts, see the following for the complete list: rules/allowed-file-hostings-image-hostings-and-redirectors-t4.html
taces23 - Jun 27th, '19, 09:00
The Tinymodel Nicole website has a new model, Nicole III. You can visit her site here: TM-Nicole and I’ve updated her topic with each model’s set listing: Nicole
I will be updating all the Newstar & Related topics to show each models’ complete set numbers, the Sweet Models forum has already been completed: Sweet Models
taces23 - Jun 27th, '19, 21:09
New rules/guidelines have been set up for the Hanna-World website. Please click the following link and review them.
Allowed & Forbidden Agencies/Models
If you have questions/concerns, please contact the site owner/moderator markmarkymark.
taces23 - Jul 9th, '19, 18:35
NS-Nikki’s last set (273) was published on 14.05.2019, see the disclaimer below. I for one miss that lovely angel and hope she’ll make a comeback. :(
"Until further notice this site will no longer update.
Please join or cancel accordingly and visit our news page below for updates."
tbwillie - Jul 10th, '19, 04:12
Many thanks to NS Nikki for so many amazing sets. Her first 100+ were really great, then like so many of my favorite models she seemed to jump from 8 to 15 in only a year. I’d really love to see more amazing tiny cuties like her at TinyModels/Sweet Models/NewStar in the future.
taces23 - Jul 10th, '19, 20:29
tbwillie, I agree, seems her growth spurt kicked in at a blink of an eye but she’s still a fav’ of mine. The same can be said with SW Abby, I’ve noticed a spurt of her own. I don’t want to fill up mChat with too many comments so, I may continue this discussion on Tiny Model News
taces23 - Jul 12th, '19, 01:32
Anyone else having issues with the adf.ly shortener? If so, please reply to this topic: file-hosting/adf-issues-t78587.html
taces23 - Jul 12th, '19, 20:25
To markmarkymark and all members who were having posting issues with the Hanna’s World forum, the issues have been resolved.
You can now create/edit posts, make replies and use the quote function. It is a new forum so if anyone has other issues, please send a PM either to GB or myself so that they can be looked into, TIA. :)
taces23 - Jul 12th, '19, 23:44
Until further notice, AdFly is no longer allowed to be used on AMF.
Please review the list of hosts often because changes can be made without notice: rules/allowed-file-hostings-image-hostings-and-redirectors-t4.html
taces23 - Jul 15th, '19, 15:08
I’ve approved the Multi Hosting Site, "MirrorAce", see the list: rules/allowed-file-hostings-image-hostings-and-redirectors-t4.html
desert punk v3 - Jul 15th, '19, 16:48
will give it ah try yes
taces23 - Jul 20th, '19, 13:41
Hey, everyone. Due to multiple complaints and the recent issues with the image host: kvador.com, I felt this host needed to be banned for having excessive pop-ups/redirectors, updated list: rules/allowed-file-hostings-image-hostings-and-redirectors-t4.html.
If/when they take care of this issue, I will consider allowing it again.
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