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    We are a community created with the purpose of sharing photos and videos of beautiful teen models. All videos and photos posted on our forum were taken by professional legal agencies and comply with international laws - United States Code Title 18.

    AMF does not produce, share or host any kind of illegal pornography. Please, read our rules, banned models and studios and legal notice before report and/or post any topic. We are a community dedicated to legal models only.

    We are not a teen porn site. We are not a chίld porn community.
    Send any report to - abuse [at] amf.pw

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taces23 - May 23rd, '19, 17:21
Tinymodels, No prob’. I’ve re-posted the previews with the new download link. Here the post:
viewtopic.php?p=304215#p304215 :D
atreehaseyes - May 24th, '19, 03:24
Tinymodels, I PM’d you!
taces23 - May 25th, '19, 06:45
atreehaseyes, Hey, bud. You should be good now. Check your messages. :win
atreehaseyes - May 25th, '19, 07:40
Not quite yet, but thanks!
taces23 - May 25th, '19, 14:49
atreehaseyes, The issue should now be resolved, enjoy. :D
taces23 - May 27th, '19, 09:32
Memorial Day: IMHO, this SPECIAL day should not be restricted to the U.S. I want to use this day as an observance to all men/women who’ve died for their counties during wartime. In their remembrance, I wish Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity to all nations. Keep the soldiers closer to home and out of the battlefield. :rev
taces23 - Jun 4th, '19, 21:11
Note to all members: Imgbaron, Picbaron and others have been added as banned to the "Allowed File/Image Hostings list": rules/allowed-file-hostings-image-hostings-and-redirectors-t4.html. Any posts found with said hosts will be deleted so please review the list.
taces23 - Jun 4th, '19, 21:29
Also, there are 3-5 copies of similar posts being made within the "NoNude Models Galleries" forum. ALL duplicates found will be deleted without notice. I understand there are more members/users wanting to post galleries but only so many model sets that can be posted and having to use the search function every time one wants to make a post is very tedious so I’ve asked the admin if something could be done. So until then, I ask you guys to search before posting otherwise, your posts will be deleted.
taces23 - Jun 5th, '19, 01:05
As of 04 June 2019, the "Allowed File Hostings, Image Hostings And Redirectors" page has been re-organized and updated with a few new hosts and a list of banned hosts. Please review the updated list, TIA: post4.html#p4
ClayImposs - Jun 6th, '19, 13:14
BTW the StarSessions subforum has become unblocked, and there are more talented models there than the mind can handle. You should go there ASAP. Links don’t alway last forever!
taces23 - Jun 8th, '19, 15:56
Hey, fellas, just a little heads-up. I’m doing my annual cleanup on AMF. I’ll mostly be working on the Agencies & Models forums to remove all "Thank You" posts and old requests comments. Because of this, some of you may find that your post count has been reduced, sorry. Also, any posts with dead links, the OPs will be notified to update them. Members that have been inactive about a year or more (with some exceptions) will have their dead posts removed. Contact staff with any questions you may have, TIA.
taces23 - Jun 9th, '19, 03:39
Upstore.net has now been added to the Preferred File Hostings list.
ClayImposs - Jun 9th, '19, 20:03
First, thanks Taces23! Second, does anyone have any of Star Sessions Michelle’s work? She is amazing, but the one file in her section is stone dead.
taces23 - Jun 9th, '19, 20:54
ClayImposs, You’re welcome. I’ll update my post tomorrow and thanks for the heads-up. :win
ClayImposs - Jun 11th, '19, 13:44
Two seperate things:

First, thanks for the Michelle vids. She is so very talented!
Second and most importantly, thanks again for all you do to keep this the best such site on the internet, most definitely because it clearly does its best to support the models and agencies who bring them to us. You and all of the other site moderators are awesome! :win
templar001 - Jun 11th, '19, 16:52
Taces23 can we get some newstar krystal free sets? tnx
taces23 - Jun 11th, '19, 19:02
ClayImposs, Thank you so much. :win We want to keep the site owners happy so they can stay up. We also try to keep AMF clean of hardcore/pornography. Not a lot of people know this but forums posting hardcore/porn, alongside Teen/Pre-teen modelling, can do damage to the modelling websites and the modeling sites may get shut down in the process.
taces23 - Jun 11th, '19, 19:10
templar001, For the time being, Sergei has been busy with the upcoming websites and models and has been unable to publish the free sets/previews. I haven’t talked to him in about 2 weeks, whch tells me he’s been extremely busy. I’ll update everyone when I hear from him and when I do, I’ll ask about Krystal. :)
taces23 - Jun 11th, '19, 19:52
I’ve just noticed the Newstar Previews for June 10th were posted yesterday. I’m downloading them now and will post them here ASAP. :)
taces23 - Jun 11th, '19, 21:31
The latest Newstar previews have been posted here: viewtopic.php?p=306573#p306573 and it’s the biggest collection to date.
Enjoy. :)
justdoit - Jun 16th, '19, 04:16
BIG THANKS! to The Terminator 8-) aka taces23 for the clean up work he has been working on. Plus the uncountable services he does for us here at AMF. He has made my job easier and I’m grateful for his help...jdi
GhostBtch - Jun 16th, '19, 20:40
Hello, guys. Sorry for long time to reply all PMs and posts. I’m in hospital, after a small surgery. Everything is OK and I’ll be back in a few days...
taces23 - Jun 16th, '19, 21:45
justdoit, Thanks, JDI. I greatly appreciate the compliment. :win But, actually, it’s a team effort and I wouldn’t be able to do as much without the help from the admin/staff and the support from all the members here. I thank everyone here for their patience and understanding with what’s been going on. :win :clap :rev :D
taces23 - Jun 16th, '19, 21:52
GhostBtch, OMG! Sorry to hear that, GB! I knew you were going to be away for a bit but had no idea it was for health reasons. :cry: Take as much time as needed and I wish you the best with the recovery process. :pray
desert punk v3 - Jun 17th, '19, 12:03
Is nice to have u back speedy recovery an all the best :win
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