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taces23 - Apr 2nd, '19, 14:33
Hi, everyone. :) Sorry for my absence. Thank you all for the wonderful support. :win
I’ve been away due to the accident but the issue was mostly for financial reason and not so much for the physical part. My ISP should be back up tomorrow.
taces23 - Apr 2nd, '19, 14:35
MeMyselfNI, Thank you, my friend. I hope your situation is improving.
taces23 - Apr 2nd, '19, 14:43
Tinymodels, Thanks for the concern. :win I’m seeing a physical therapist now and she is very helpful with my recovery.
I see you have a new "Sharona" model, she’s very cute and I’m sure she’ll be a great addition. :rev
taces23 - Apr 2nd, '19, 14:51
Tinymodels, Any news about the "Lacey" model?
She’s been out for a while and her site states that the next update is Unknown. I hope nothing has happened to her and that she is doing well. :pray
taces23 - Apr 2nd, '19, 14:58
Oh, I forgot to post the Sharona link if anyone wants to visit her site:
GhostBtch - Apr 2nd, '19, 19:17
Hey, guys...
What is your favorite model from NewStar and TinyModel?
taces23 - Apr 2nd, '19, 20:06
GhostBtch, Great topic for chatbox, GB :win I love them all but the present Krissy is my No. 1 model. So much so that she’s surpassed Bella from FL, becoming my All-Time favorite model. May she stay healthy and keep on smiling. :D :lover
tbwillie - Apr 3rd, '19, 01:00
@GhostBitch Sweet Gigi is my favorite of their current models. NewStar Jenna would be a close 2nd. I also love Lacey, Jewel, Jessica, Kayley, Charity, and the former Princess and Erin especially the early sets. Cute girls who love playing for the camera always make me smile.
GhostBtch - Apr 3rd, '19, 02:48
My number one is Sweet Astra. She’s so beautiful! And my second probably is Lola.
hughdnfth - Apr 3rd, '19, 08:43
NS Erin(the current one), been in love w/ her from the 1st second i saw her
GhostBtch - Apr 3rd, '19, 09:39
hughdnfth, yes! She’s is really beautiful too!
taces23 - Apr 3rd, '19, 17:20
It would be hard to top Krissy for me but I am looking forward with anticipation of the new photog, studio, and models that will be coming soon. :D.
taces23 - Apr 3rd, '19, 17:28
I do hope Lacey is healthy and will be back soon, I like her as well.
I’ve sent NewStar an email, hoping a speedy return from her but I have/will not ask for reasons for her departure so, please don’t ask me. He’ll notify us in his own way of any updates with her site.
Tinymodels - Apr 4th, '19, 16:23
IM commin for you, we love models and Models Gratis. I hope a bunch of innocent boards dont go down with you again this week.
Tinymodels - Apr 4th, '19, 16:25
Laceys Mom is out of the country for work and her grandmother is to old or lazy to bring her. We order her every week and hope one day we will get her back.
GhostBtch - Apr 4th, '19, 18:26
Tinymodels, I found some full content of NS and TM in some our partners and already ask they to delete. After months, I access Triforce to check about this and find something more, but 90% of boards are now totally illegal content. Damn!
Tinymodels - Apr 5th, '19, 01:10
Thanks for any help with the reposts. We check triforce once in a while for links to have killed. I have to admit i don’t check there as often as i used to as to many new places keep coming up.
taces23 - Apr 5th, '19, 04:34
Tinymodels, Thank you for the Lacey update :rev
I’m relieved to know that she is healthy and I’m looking forward to her return. :comm
Reaper1510 - Apr 5th, '19, 15:40
Heys, i have an issue with bulk image downloader again, when im downloading topic74641.html, it downloads but all pictures are blank
Reaper1510 - Apr 5th, '19, 15:40
any clue how to fix it ? already installed latest version , registered
taces23 - Apr 5th, '19, 23:05
Reaper1510, I’ve downloaded the images with BID with my previous and the latest versions and both sets came out fine.
If you were able to download them with BID then I assume you were able to view the previews. Try it again, something might have happened during the download.
Reaper1510 - Apr 6th, '19, 08:01
@taces, odd, guess they had server issues last evening, cuz i tried it like 5 times, now it works, sorry
taces23 - Apr 6th, '19, 20:09
Reaper1510, Happy to hear it’s working again. :win
taces23 - Apr 8th, '19, 22:49
Newstar Previews for April 2019 are posted, click on the link below and enjoy. :)
desert punk v3 - Apr 18th, '19, 17:15
if any of my links are down message me an I will re-up.I have some spare time
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