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taces23 - Nov 6th, '18, 19:00
fartharder, No offense taken and I understand where you’re coming from. I’m no advocate of anti-piracy, I’d be a hypocrite if I were.
But I’ve been an advocate between NS and AMF for over 2 years and IMHO, the relationship between the two have been very good. Anyone who is aware of Sergei knows how intolerant and impatient he can be and I think the time I’ve spent with NS and AMF is beneficial to all.
taces23 - Nov 6th, '18, 19:17
fartharder, Now, to continue, I posted my comment about NONUDE SITE because Sergei (NS) had witnessed the site-rips/videos, is very upset about it, and has talked to me about shutting down their server. If he does, it will affect this site as well. I intervened and asked him to hold off on it and let me try and deal with it.
taces23 - Nov 6th, '18, 19:19
fartharder, I’ve talked to the AMF/NONUDE SITE admins and Sergei about me becoming a moderator/advocate on both sites so as nothing will happen to the sites. Sergei welcomes the idea and has postponed his intention, GhostBitch is okay with this, and now I’m waiting for a reply from the NONUDE SITE admin.
taces23 - Nov 6th, '18, 19:31
For all of you who really don’t like me or the way I conduct my NS moderation, I completely understand and I’m okay with that. Sergei’s shut this site down in the past and wouldn’t think twice of doing it again but for me being the ’middle-man’, I am trying all I can to prevent that. I really don’t want to join nor mod another site due to time constraints but I’ll make time to see these sites stay up and trouble-free. Peace. :)
HannaM - Nov 6th, '18, 22:13
As long as the model agencies sites aren’t being bully’s about it taces23 I understand. but excuse if I’m laughing at there paranoia, :laugh . All love and peace from a veteran purchasing models collector. 8-)
fartharder - Nov 7th, '18, 00:41
All good my friend, I was not attacking you or anything. I’ve been pirating music/movies/tv shows since even before Napster (irc and usenet) and now torrents etc.. i’ve always had a very "fuck you" attitude toward content owners flexing their legal muscles. But that’s my own mental problem, not yours. I like what you do and how you do it, you always have good intentions at heart and you’re very methodical.
fartharder - Nov 7th, '18, 00:41
I just feel bending every time an agency quotes law will (and to a great extent has) castrate(ed) the activity on this forum and others like it. My issue is not with you. I’m just lashing out at the overall situation without really having a good solution to offer.
taces23 - Nov 7th, '18, 02:26
"Methodical"... more like "ANAL". :laugh Seriously though, I do appreciate all comments and I thank you guys for responding. Whether my intentions were right or wrong, I was only looking out for AMF. :)
taces23 - Nov 7th, '18, 02:35
I’m a hoarder myself, especially with TV and Movies. I have no need for cable, satellite, nor basic TV, I can’t stand to watch 20 mins of ads within a 30min tv program. To me, that’s BS. There used to be an intermission during a movie at the theatres, I’m surprised they don’t bring that back but with ads.
Well, I’ll shut up now. Peace. :)
JAY71 - Nov 8th, '18, 06:11
I know what you mean Qtaces23....here in netherlands exactly the same. Thats why i dont watch TV anymoe got myself a 55inch tv and its only standing there. ..BUt now im using it as commputerscreen for my music composing and recording and other stuff, can sit on my couch using wireless keyboard and just downlaod and watch movies and tv show episodes WITHOUT those damn ads....I USE : STREMIO & POPCORNTIME and if they dont have it i use KODI(krypton) always the newest movies and episodes
JAY71 - Nov 8th, '18, 07:29
posted a new THEMED topic and some models. Only thing is from Hyde model i do not have complete sets only found pics from the net combined in one post... hope this is allowed. IF NOT just delete it pls let me know OKE?!?
taces23 - Nov 9th, '18, 04:41
JAY71, Yeah, I use my computer for everything, even for movies I’ve purchased. I transfer and index them on my HDD for easy access. :)
taces23 - Nov 9th, '18, 04:45
JAY71, You’ve picked the right theme for your topic: themed-nonude/denim-jeans-and-shorts-t68584.html
I don’t know Christin’s set# but I’m sure someone here does. As for Hyde, I’m unfamiliar with her sets but if the other staff are okay with it, so will I. :)
Ikkoros - Nov 11th, '18, 13:15
Are videos that include sexual intercourse allowed in the nude videos section?
taces23 - Nov 12th, '18, 02:06
Ikkoros, @ Ikkoros, No. Sexual intercourse is considered hardcore and is forbidden in all forums of this board, including nude sets/galleries. Lesbians and/or sexual toys are allowed though.
taces23 - Nov 12th, '18, 06:10
New Kayley model, see thumbs here: post285947.html#p285947
toxsickcity - Nov 12th, '18, 06:59
post285956.html#p285956 Anyone interested in group buying access to sweet-natalie?
taces23 - Nov 12th, '18, 16:41
toxsickcity, Please do not make such requests. I’ve responded to your post, send me a PM if you have any questions.
toxsickcity - Nov 12th, '18, 20:11
Sorry for requesting what I requested.. I’ve removed the post
taces23 - Nov 12th, '18, 23:49
toxsickcity, :win
pantro - Nov 13th, '18, 12:13
GhostBtch - Nov 15th, '18, 22:08
Hello, guys. Takefile Link banned my account, so I’ll reup all files posted there elsewhere ASAP...
desert punk v3 - Nov 15th, '18, 22:42
taces23 - Nov 16th, '18, 01:36
GhostBtch, That sucks, I hope there aren’t a lot to update.
taces23 - Nov 17th, '18, 11:48
Recently I’ve been having issues with the scroll wheel on my mouse and it only happens on this website. It would stop responding halfway through a page and clicking the wheel button resets it. Anyone else having the same problem?
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