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    We are a community created with the purpose of sharing photos and videos of beautiful teen models. All videos and photos posted on our forum were taken by professional legal agencies and comply with international laws - United States Code Title 18.

    AMF does not produce, share or host any kind of illegal pornography. Please, read our rules, banned models and studios and legal notice before report and/or post any topic. We are a community dedicated to legal models only.

    We are not a teen porn site. We are not a chίld porn community.
    Send any report to - abuse [at] amf.pw

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ClayImposs - Dec 1st, '18, 12:52
No Michelle thread in the new StarSessions section? Is ALL of her work banned?
taces23 - Dec 1st, '18, 21:23
ClayImposs, The SS forum is new and updating it will be an ongoing process. Along with his other tasks, GhostBitch has been very busy with it and he will notify the members of any updates either from himself or thru staff members. Right now, a Michelle topic is uncertain but may be up for review, he will set us know. :|
Vigilante - Dec 1st, '18, 21:58
I don’t think Michelle, Viola, Angelina will be allowed to be posted. We’re facing some reports for hosting "child" models and we’re thinking in only work with "teen" models. We need to wait what ADM and Moderators decide, as this forum (and many others I know) may be closed for supposed "child exploitation" (sic). Unfortunately, moralists don’t know difference between professional modeling and CP.
taces23 - Dec 1st, '18, 22:07
Vigilante, Thank you for updating us on this issue. In the past few days, I’ve seen a lot of work being done from you and GhostBitch, trying to keep this board safe and running. :win :rev
taces23 - Dec 1st, '18, 22:09
Here is another update for all members, as requested by the Admin:
Due to the Rules/Legal Notice embedded with this board, Jenny’s Home will be banned from posting on amf.pw and all posts will be removed. Contact admin or staff for any concerns.
markmarkymark - Dec 1st, '18, 23:20
It doesn’t really help when the site is throwing up a pop up advert for "Just 18 BARELY LEGAL HARDCORE PHONE SEX" with a connected premium rate telephone number. And in the same way many of the links down the left hand side of the Home page would immediately make the hairs on the back of any moralist’s neck stand to attention. No good cleaning up this site if you have front page links to other sites that don’t pursue a similar level of integrity. It’s a bit like saying ’we won’t host it but you can get it on these sites guys"
GhostBtch - Dec 1st, '18, 23:52
markmarkymark, we’re working on this, dude. They’re advertisers only
sagita - Dec 2nd, '18, 01:34

Elena is also in question?
GhostBtch - Dec 2nd, '18, 01:40
sagita, We’re working on this...
taces23 - Dec 2nd, '18, 03:04
The old SS thread will be deleted. For those of you who still had posts that need moving, I’ve placed them in the staff area and will send you a PM.
Posts with the models that aren’t listed in the new SS thread will remain in the staff area until further notice. :|
GhostBtch - Dec 2nd, '18, 15:14
Dream Studio new website - http://angels-story.net
Opticonstudios - Dec 2nd, '18, 22:04
Hello Everyone, Long long ago in a galaxy far far away, we use to able to download nonude via torrents, with special login only websites
Do these type sites still exsist?
GhostBtch - Dec 3rd, '18, 02:53
toxsickcity, I just remember to download from Akiba Online. Do you remember names of these sites?
GhostBtch - Dec 3rd, '18, 02:57
Unfortunately most torrent hosting sites no longer accept underage nonude models. So without disclosure, most of these torrents eventually disappear and run out of seeds in a few days.
Opticonstudios - Dec 3rd, '18, 08:57
@ghostbitch your right,
i remember puretna had great content but the content became nonexsistant and eventually site stopped
there were others but my memory fails me
GhostBtch - Dec 3rd, '18, 19:21
Petal Stone (DS) topic updated with 350 videos...
markmarkymark - Dec 4th, '18, 11:19
@GhostBtch see my post about trojan code injected onto a page - http://amf.pw/post288150.html#p288150
GhostBtch - Dec 4th, '18, 21:03
markmarkymark, replied
markmarkymark - Dec 5th, '18, 11:11
Tinymodels - Dec 6th, '18, 03:06
Hey taces, Want me to come here some day for a chat with your members? Sergei Newstar :comm :-D :D
Tinymodels - Dec 6th, '18, 03:18
Well I guesss I missed you. it shows you online. Write me.. Maybe we can arrange a chat here I bet people want to ask alot of things
GhostBtch - Dec 6th, '18, 11:40
Tinymodels, hello, my friend! Nice to see you here!
Tinymodels - Dec 6th, '18, 14:03
Hi. I want to give a set or two to taces to put up at full size for you since you are always so fair to me. They will be double the size that they were put on the sites originally.
I willl try to get them to him this weekend.
GhostBtch - Dec 6th, '18, 14:41
Tinymodels, thanks again, dude!
:clap :rev
taces23 - Dec 6th, '18, 22:53
Tinymodels, Sorry I missed you. Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy. I think the "chat" suggestion would mean a personal and friendly relationship between AMF and NewStar and I, for one, welcome that. Thank you for sharing your sets and I’ll be sure to post them, once I receive them. :win :rev
Happy Holidays to everyone here. :)
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